Pecuniary investment platform is a well reputable international broker company where you can invest your funds to be receiving your return of investment daily with amazing investment plans, Pecuniary is a realiable and a certified platform which is under the government regulation, we generate our funds through Real Estate, Forex market, alternative investment , stock investment, bitcoin mining, assets related to inflation and Also Pecuniary investment platform employed professional traders who trades with investors capital and generate profit then pay back a daily percentage profit depending on investors deposit in the platform, and we are capable of paying our investors in any amount of return of Investment(ROI), All you have to do in the platform is to invest your funds and start earning your daily passive income, Pecuniary investment platform also has an affiliate program where you can be earning a significant and additional active income by sharing the opportunity to your friends and family which is super lucrative, our priority is to help our investors to grow their funds into huge amount of funds and endeavor that our Investors attain financial freedom and financial breakthrough and also to make our active investors to become Financially stable and buoyant., the smart high-frequency and algorithmic investment platform.

We're absolutely unique and high-tech company, covering several most profitable and relevant business lines of various profitability at once. The main activity of the company is the development and operation of high-tech software and equipment used in various fields of medium- and high-profitable business operating through the Internet world network. The company has a wide range of unique financial offers for clients. These offers won't allow to stay indifferent even the most demanding specialists in the field of investment and network business development.


  • ROI 15%
  • TIME: 24 Hours
  • MIN: $100
  • MAX: $500
  • ROI 25%
  • TIME: 24 Hours
  • MIN: $501
  • MAX: $2500
  • ROI 40%
  • TIME: 24 Hours
  • MIN: $2501
  • MAX: $5,000
  • ROI 75%
  • TIME: 48 Hours
  • MIN: $5001
  • MAX: $Unlimited



The development and management of a large scale investment portfolio is an incredibly complicated endeavour. Notwithstanding, the system that we have developed consists of three simple steps, if we look at the process from your - our customers' - perspective

Where We Invest

Market daily volume

$5.1 Trillion

Portfolio %


Forex Markets

Trading Forex involves the buying of one currency and simultaneous selling of another. In Forex, traders attempt to profit by buying and selling currencies and actively speculating on the direction currencies are likely to take in the future.

Forex trading is considered as one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world. According to a recent triennial report from the Bank for International Settlements (a global bank for national central banks), the dollar amount of daily transactions in the Forex market is around USD 5 trillion and $1.5 trillion of this amount comes from spot trading. The large dimensions of the market makes finding buyers and sellers fast and easy, allowing for a dynamic investing process. This volatility can be difficult because of the limited decision time, that is why dedicated investor teams tend to be more successful than "side traders".

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Market daily volume

$237 Billion

Portfolio %


Digital Exchange

Digital exchange, also referred to as the digital currency exchange or the cryptocurrency exchange, is a digital marketplace that allows customers, be it businesses or individuals, to trade cryptocurrencies. They can be exchanged for conventional fiat currencies or other digital currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have seen a great surge in both value an sortiment of available positions to invest. This market has become especially popular among investors that prefer trading short term - on price movements.

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Market daily volume

$15,8 million

Portfolio %


Bitcoin Mining

Fiat money is centralized and its' printing and distribution is controlled by the government and its' central bank. Cryptocurrencies and - in our case more specifically - bitcoin is a decentralized currency. Which means it has no main governing entity that is responsible for the distribution and creation of bitcoin.

That is where bitcoin mining comes into play. Bitcoin mining is the process of using special software to solve math equations that are ever growing in complexity. What these miners effectively do is help secure the network by approving recent transactions with their computational power. In return they receive a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This is how new bitcoins are made.

The COMPANY has proffesional traders who handles the actual trading in different Investment assets like Cryptocurrency trading and mining Commercial papers ,Treasury Bills, Gold bars, Real Estates, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Transportation and other adaptable Investments to generate Profits for Investors. The company also trade with metatrade 5 which is known as the biggest trading company they also do mining too where they mines 4.7% per day which means they are capable of paying Investors.

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Market daily volume

$383 million

Portfolio %


Venture Capital

Venture capital is a form of investing into startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have potential for exponential growth in the long term. Relatively young businesses that have recently displayed impressive growth and appear poised to continue this growth are also often invested into. Even though sometimes the value added can be expertise or resources, in the case of, the investment we place into the companies is monetary.

For new companies (two years old and less), especially in the tech field, this type of seeding is becoming more and more popular.

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Referral Earnings

In order to properly appreciate our most active and supportive members, the team has developed an affiliate program that gives users an opportunity to earn an extra layer of income for their participation in the popularizing the platform.

Our affiliate program is accessible to any registered member of the platform. Starting as a lvl 1 (Novice) affiliate you will earn 5% commission on direct referrals and 1% on your first 3 passive referral levels.

You can increase your affiliate level by referring people to, this, in turn will allow you to rank up and earn better commissions (example: lvl 6 (Oracle) affiliates have 10% direct commission and 5 levels of indirect commission!)


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The maximum efficiency of commercial activity involves making a profit and minimizing overhead costs by all legal methods. In particular, has placed the business as a resident in United Kingdom, where the government has provided high preferences for our business, also in the matter of optimizing tax payments from profits.

By diversifying trading business lines and lowering overhead costs, Limted can further increase competitive pressure in the investment market by consolidating online investment ideas with an ever-increasing number of investors and customers on completely legal grounds.